We build and rent delivery kitchens, but also help to manage the operations by offering order management software, handling the deliveries to couriers and combining our restaurant partners to virtual food court operated by us.

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We have the biggest shadow kitchen in Nordics coming soon with combined 6 kitchens and many more locations in the pipeline.

We are builders, we make professional kitchens that are designed to be as efficient to operate as possible.

Our founders have combined construction industry experience of 40+ years.

Ice Cream Delivery

Virtual Food Court

Our virtual food court offers the end customers possibility to mix orders from up to 6 individual restaurants in one order so that everyone get's what they want. To enable this tech solutions are included in the rent to manage your orders from just one device and we handle deliveries to couriers with our staff in dedicated delivery area with heating solutions to ensure food quality. 

Ice Cream Delivery